Diamond DIY Kite Kit (25 pk)


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Diamond DIY Kite Kit Details

Classic American kite!

The Diamond kite is easy to make, decorate, and fly. The Diamond kite kit is made of plastic and dowel rod spars.

What's Included

  • 25 Kite kits: Pre-cut sails (plastic), parts, spars (dowels) and parts and tails
  • 25 Winders: 100 feet of flying line on D-Handle
  • 300 feet of kite tails with each 25-pack
  • Illustrated Instructions

You will Need

  • Decorating Material: Permanent markets
  • Kite Tails: You can add more tail or different colors for more fun! See how to attach a kite tail for tips and suggestions

Measures: 24" H x 24" W
Wind Range: 5 to 15 mph
Made in: USA