New Kakudako DIY Kite Kit (10 pk)

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New Kakudako Kite Kit Details - DIY Kite

The New Kakudako kite is easy to make and to decorate. The New Kakudako kite kit is a fun way to educate and entertain beginner kite makers.

Classic Japanese style kite. Quality design and parts make this strong long lasting kite.   Fly’s great by itself or in a train.   Perfect for art projects and group activities.

 Kakudako (Pronounced: Ka-ku-da-ko)

Made of washi paper and bamboo. Washi is a Japanese paper and is generally stronger than wood pulp paper

The New Kakudako kite is made from renewable resources.

What's Included

  • 10 Kite kits: Pre-cut parts: sails (washi paper), spars (bamboo) and tails
  • 10 Winders: Flying line 100' on a D-handle
  • Illustrated step by step instructions 
  • 1 Free Pre-made kite. Makes an excellent visual teaching aide

You will Need

  • Decorating materials
  • Tape
  • Crayons, paint, pencils, markers, inks, dyes, charcoal, etc

Measures: 15.25″ H x 10.5″ W
Wind Range: 5 to 15 mph
Made in: Japan