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When you decorate a kite, it becomes your kite. It feels great to fly your own kite!

This STEAM bundle includes 3 of the most recognizable kite shapes flown around the world. Each with its own flight characteristics.

All of the kites in this special bundle can be made and flown as part of a ‘lesson plan’ or just for fun. We have offered suggestions for each kite with fun changes you can make.

More information, instructions, and some videos are available on individual product pages.

Delta: These kites are great for light to medium winds. You can add tail to this kite for even more stability. This is a small lightweight kite made with matchstick bamboo frame. Flies good, can be fragile.

Eddy Kids Creation: classic kite shape, flies good in light to medium winds. More tail in more winds. Made of Tyvek and fiberglass spars makes this kite tough. Comes with crayons. You can add more tail!

Sled Kite: These kites are the easiest kites to fly and the most reliable. They fly in a wide variety of winds, sleds are the best all round kites. Add more tail for fun!

Lesson Plans: Experimenting with Kite Tails

*Bonus Pack: Kite tail: 1-300-foot roll of surveyor ribbon

Tape for attaching tail.

You will need: Decorating material: Permanent markers and/or stickers

Recommended Add on: Permanent Markers for decorating