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Kites In The Classroom - A Guide For Teachers

Kites In the Classroom - A Guide For Teachers



Kites in the Classroom is designed to help you promote the world of kiting to an audience in a classroom setting. This may be the first real experience for many people with a kite. Your audience may not be familiar with the wide variety of kiting activities that exist today, or the variety of kites available to build or purchase.

The goal of Kites in the Classroom is to serve as a blueprint for organizing successful events that explore unique and exciting kiting adventures and activities. It outlines the details for giving educational presentations, and hands-on workshops. It provides information that is both educational and practical while it includes suggestions that can be applied for people of all ages and various levels of schooling, from preschool through retirement.

The kiting world has changed over the years. Kiting has become an active, passionate sport with regular events like festivals and competitions. It's a hobby for some, an amusement for many and both rich and culturally diverse in nature.

From an educational perspective, kites make a terrific vehicle for learning about a variety of subjects. Topics can range from creative uses of graphics and colors, all the way to history, physics, aerodynamics, and mathematics - from crafts to fine art, as well as exploring the more inspirational thoughts associated with kite flying.

From a practical perspective, Kites in the Classroom will give you the tools for providing details about the mechanics of a kite, the art of flying, and the creativity involved in building a kite. For hands-on applications, there are a variety of kite plans included for building inexpensive kites as well as resources for detailed investigations.

The information that you provide will help people have more rewarding experiences. You can eliminate some of the frustration that occurs when the basics of building or flying a kite are unknown or unclear while you stimulate ideas about what is possible.

So, share your knowledge and bring kites into the classroom! It's a wonderful way to encourage others to learn about and participate in these wonderfully rewarding experiences.