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Customer Testimonials

Highly recommend this for large events where quality kites are needed! I ordered a lot of kites for a scout troop event for 3-12 year olds. With a little help, they were able to make their own kite in about 30 minutes! The best part is that they really do fly!

Ann M.
Scout Leader

These kites were great and the price was a good value. From reading reviews of other kites at other retailers, I was so glad for the recommendation on these. The kites held up well and actually flew!

Primary School Teacher

An Invitation...

Hello! I'm Catherine Gabrel.

I'm the founder of Kites In The Sky. There's nothing I love more than hearing about your kite-flying adventures. Whether it's a child's first successful launch, a family day out, a class project, or a creative kite design you're proud of, your stories are what inspire us and keep the spirit of kite flying alive.

I warmly invite you to tell us about your adventures and experiences with kites. We'll share our favorite stories on our Customer Story Wall.


Premium Kite Making Kits For Children & Adults

Kites In The Sky high quality kite kits come with clear, simple instructions, high-quality pre-cut parts and sails. Most of our kite kits include flying line, and some even come with crayons. Kite kits are great for schools, churches, parties, and company events. Our kite kits are easy to make and fly for both kids and adults.

We test all of our kite kits to ensure that when finished, they do what they are supposed to do – They Fly!

We have over 25 years of experience making kites with people of all ages and group sizes. We are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. Your success is important, so we work hard to ensure that we sell only kite kits that really work.

We make and sell kite-making kits for all ages and skill levels. From pre-made kites to kites that require more time and thought. Most of our kites can be made in 5-20 minutes, but some will take several hours. It’s the artwork you want to allow time for.

Sky-High Learning: Elevate Education with Kite Making

Kite making is the perfect activity for teaching many subjects. When done properly, this “hands-on” activity will be rewarded with positive outcomes. The kites will really fly and your kite maker will smile!

We want you to have a have fun and rewarding kite-making activity. That is why we have lots of videos and Illustrated tips for making and flying kites.

Use our links to science, history, classroom activities, organizing kite festivals and teachers. See stories of how our customers have used kite kits to enhance their projects, parties, and events!

SMILES at the end of a string!

Experience the joy of kite flying. Our DIY kite-making kits guarantee unforgettable moments and bright smiles.

Kite Kits for LEARNING!

Our kite kits offer a unique blend of art, physics and engineering–fostering a love for learning in a fun and engaging way.

Team Building Takes FLIGHT!

Elevate team spirit with kite-making kits for groups. Ideal for schools, summer camps, churches, parties, scouts and company events.

Sooo... Which kite kit is right for your needs?

We have divided our kite kits into 3 primary groups:

Ready To Fly Kite Kits

Ready To Fly Kite Kits

Perfect for all ages, our Ready To Fly Kite Kits are ideal for birthday parties, large events, or festivals. These kites come individually packaged, making them a breeze to hand out.

Theses kites offer a unique opportunity to personalize with your own art, turning each kite into a flying masterpiece. With minimal assembly required, these kites are not just easy to decorate but also ready to soar into the sky, creating memorable moments for everyone involved. Recommended for all ages.

Beginner DIY Kite Kits

Beginner DIY Kite Kits

Designed for budding kite enthusiasts, our Beginner DIY Kite Kits are the perfect introduction to the art of kite making. Requiring basic skills like using tape, glue, scissors, and hole punches, these kits are ideal for enhancing fine motor skills and creativity. They also introduce the fundamentals of aerodynamics and require attention to detail in measuring and accuracy.

These easy to use kite kits are a fantastic way to engage young minds ensuring a fun and educational kite-making experience. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Intermediate DIY Kite Kits

Intermediate DIY Kite Kits

Our Intermediate DIY Kite Kits are tailored for those ready to take their kite-making skills to the next level. Requiring basic crafting skills, these kits involve more steps, including precise measuring and advanced knot tying. They also demand an understanding of balance and the ability to make minor adjustments for optimal flight.

These kite kits are perfect for developing a deeper appreciation of kite dynamics and design, offering a challenging yet rewarding kite-making journey. Recommended for ages 9 and up.


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