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"A brilliant kite flyer’s smile is at the end of each flying line"

Happiness at the end of a string! Kite flying makes you happy. When you fly a kite, it makes you smile. When you smile, it makes you feel happy.

If you looking for an activity to make your group happy, no matter their age, make kites!

Kite Kits For Children & Adults

Kites In The Sky high quality kite kits come with clear, simple instructions, high-quality pre-cut parts and sails. Most of our kite kits include flying line, and some even come with paints or crayons. Kite kits are great for schools, churches, parties, and company events. Our kite kits are easy to make and fly for both kids and adults.

We test all of our kite kits to ensure that when finished, they do what they are supposed to do – They Fly!

We have over 25 years of experience making kites with people of all ages and group sizes. We are ready to share our experience and knowledge with you. Your success is important, so we work hard to ensure that we sell only kite kits that really work.

We make and sell kite-making kits for all ages and skill levels. From pre-made kites to kites that require more time and thought. Most of our kites can be made in 5-20 minutes, but some will take several hours. It’s the artwork you want to allow time for.

Kite making is the perfect activity for teaching many subjects. When done properly this “hands-on” activity will be rewarded with positive outcomes. The kites will really fly and your kite maker will smile!

We want you to have a have fun and rewarding kite-making activity. That is why we have lots of videos and Illustrated tips for making and flying kites.

Use our links to science, history, classroom activities, organizing kite festivals and teachers. See stories of how our customers have used kite kits to enhance their projects, parties, and events!

Sooo... Which kite kit is right for your needs?

We have divided our kite kits into 3 primary groups:

Ready To Fly Kite Kits:

These all-ages kites are great for birthday parties, large events or festivals. The kites are shipped individually packaged and are easy to hand out. When you decorate these kites, it will be your kite with your art! These kites are ready to decorate and fly with minor assembly. Recommended for all ages.

Beginner DIY Kite Kits:

These kite kits require basic skills such as using tape, glue, scissors, hole punches, and simple knots tying. Attention to measuring and accuracy will be needed. Recommended for ages 4 and up.

Intermediate DIY Kite Kits:

These kite kits require basic skills of using tape, glue, and scissors. They are easy to make, but generally have more steps and will require measuring skills and additional knot tying. You will also need understanding of balance and have the ability to make minor adjustments as needed. Recommended for ages 9 and up.





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