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Flying a Brasington Bird Kite

From Frost to Flight: Celebrating Spring with Kites 🪁

From Frost to Flight: Celebrating Spring with Kites 🪁

Early spring is upon us, bringing the promise of warmer days ahead! We can already feel the changes happening all around us—from frost-covered mornings to breezy spring afternoons.

There is really something special about this time of year. Something that makes you want to get outside and share nature with friends and family to do something fun... Maybe something like flying a kite! 🪁

As the season shifts, the first birds of spring have begun to appear. Have you seen them yet? The early birds, heralding spring? 

In early March, Bisbee, AZ celebrates the quirky tradition of the ‘Return of the Turkey Vulture,’ marking the community's unique way of welcoming spring. This event draws locals and visitors alike, symbolizing the natural cycle of renewal and the warm embrace of the coming season. All eyes look up as these majestic birds return to the skies above Bisbee. It's their way of saying, "Spring is here!"

Our local Tulsa artist, Kerry Lamb, finds inspiration in these transitions. He's been playing around with the design of our infamous Brasington Bird Kite Kits

A few years back, Kerry modified the wings allowing him to elevate the already impressive Brasington Bird Kite Kit to new heights of creativity. He reimagined one as a spaceship! 

The Brasington Bird Kites are made from bamboo and washi paper in the Japanese-style, which means they're not only sturdy but also light enough to catch the spring breeze just right.

You can make them your own with some paint, markers, or ink, adding a personal touch to each kite. It's a creative way to spend an afternoon, and you’ll end up with something beautiful that flys!

April is fast on its way, bringing National Kite Month with it. The American Kite Fliers Association has a whole calendar of kite-related events lined up, making it the perfect time to dive into kite-making and flying.

It's not just about the fun either. There's a whole world of learning to unpack here, from the physics of flight to the history behind these flying marvels. Our "Kites In The Classroom" guide is packed with everything you need to know, whether you're a teacher, a student, or just a curious soul, eager to explore the skies.

So, as the days grow longer and the earth reawakens, we invite you to join us in this timeless celebration of spring. Grab a kite, gather your loved ones and let's fill the skies with color, creativity and the spirit of adventure.

Here's to a season of joy, learning and unforgettable kite-flying experiences.

Happy flying!