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Brasington Bird Kite Kit

$ 40.00

Unique bird shape kite made of washi paper and bamboo. Perfect for nature and creative projects. A wonderful kite kit designed by Robert Brasington of Tasmania.  Created for workshops and education programs. 

Using glue and working with natural materials of washi paper and bamboo makes this a wonderful example of the Japanese style of kite making for kids or adults.

This bird kite is perfect for the classroom, camp, workshops, big or small - your event!

What's Included

  • Kite kits: Pre-cut parts: sails (washi paper), spars (bamboo) and tails
  • Winders: Flying line 100' on a D-handle
  • Illustrated step by step instructions 

You will Need

  • Glue: Elmer's or similar
  • Decorating materials: Paint (acrylic or watercolor), markers, pencils, crayons, ink, etc

Measures: 16" H x 32" W
Wind Range: 4 to 13 mph
Made in: Japan