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When you decorate a kite, it becomes your kite. It feels great to fly your own kite! This STEM bundle includes 3 kites selected as a progressive introduction to kite making. All of the kites in this special bundle can be made and flown as part of a ‘lesson plan’ or just for fun. We have offered suggestions for each kite with fun changes you can make.

More information, instructions, and some videos are available on individual product pages.

Dermer Sled: Our most popular kite making kit. The easiest kite to fly. Learn basic kite making, Finding center for balance and knot tying. Great platform for experimenting with kites, you can add tail in a variety of positions and lengths, you can add slits or holes in the skin.

Brasington Bird: This unique bird shape introduces the kite maker to working with washi paper, bamboo and glue. You can experiment with adding tail to wing tips or center tail point.

New Kakudako: Requires more skills, with 7 spars, plastic fitting and introducing a “bow”, adding dihedral to kites, and more knots. You can experiment with adding add tail to multiple points, make minor modification the sail area, flying with different amounts of bow.

Lesson Plan: Experimenting with Kite Tails

*Bonus Pack: Surprise color Kite tail (1-300 - foot roll of surveyor ribbon), tape, and glue required for making kites