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When you decorate a kite, it becomes your kite. It feels great to fly your own kite! If you’re looking for more challenge, this STEM bundle includes strong, easy to fold and store, kite kits. 

More information, instructions, and some videos are available on individual product pages.

Frustrationless Flyer: This is kite, introduces the kite maker to basic kite making, balance, knot tying and rewarded with a sure to fly your kite. The large sail area is perfect for experimentation with art and even the sail itself.

GW Butterfly This kite involves more attention to detail, instructions. Includes learning more about pockets and parts. Includes fine tuning and adjustment instructions. These skills will teach more about sail area design, framing, tunning and understanding flight. This kite is fly’s like a Butterfly, it’s like dancing with a kite.

Zigzaggy Box has 4 sails, fittings and the box shape. Requires more attention to detail and following instructions. Planning for dimensional art. Both sides of the skin are visible. This kite can be flown from either end! Very fun to fly. This kite loves to zip and tumble through the sky.

Lesson Plan: Kites Around The World

*Bonus Pack: Surprise color Kite tail (1-300 - foot roll of surveyor ribbon), and tape required for making kites

You will need: Decorating material: Acrylic paint, permanent markers, stickers or crayons

Recommended Add on: Permanent Markers for decorating