Giant Kite Train DIY Kite Kit (60 sails)


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Giant Kite Train Details - DIY Kite Kit

The impressive Giant Kite Train kite kit comes with 60 white sails. The Giant Kite Train is easy to make and exciting to fly! 60 Kites flying on 1 flying line makes an amazing kite train that can easily extend 180 feet into the sky. The plain-white kite trains can easily be decorated with your own message or design using permanent markers.

The kites in the Giant Kite Train are spaced about 3 feet apart, (*You can space them 6 feet apart for a more dramatic effect). This 60 train kite train extends over 180 feet, or more*, into the sky for a tremendous visual statement.

These kites can be flown in one Giant Kite Train, or multiple smaller kite trains made up of any number of kites, or individually. Its your choice!

Our Giant Kite Trains are made of white plastic sails and bamboo.

Guaranteed attention getter!

Fly this kite white or you can add your own artwork!

The kite instructions recommend spacing the kites 3 feet apart. You can add your own line and space the kites 6 feet apart for an even more dramatic 360 feet into the sky!

    What's Included

    • 60 – Pre-cut parts to make 60 diamond kites: skins (plastic), fittings, rubber bands, spars (bamboo), reinforcements and tails
    • Flying line: 328 feet, plus another 50 feet of lighter line
    • Loop turner
    • 1 Pre-made kite (for demonstration /teaching tool)
    • Illustrated instructions

    You will Need

    • Tape
    • Permanent markers for decorating
    • Storage box (This box should be slightly larger than the size of the kites to keep the kites stacked on top of one another. Cardboard file boxes can be modified to do the job.)  

    Measures: 15″ H x 15″ W
    Wind range: 5 to 12 mph
    Made in: Japan