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Gonbo Kite Kit

$ 60.00

The Gonbo Kite is bold and beautiful. Traditional Gonbo Kites carried faces of kabuki actors or samurai warriors.

Fine craftsmanship brings stability and functionality to this kite. The washi paper ‘skin’ provides a classic pallet for your own “artistic inspirations”.

The Gonbo kite is an intermediate skill level kite kit. A quality kite kit bringing the art of Japanese kite making to you.  A pre-made, ready to fly Gonbo kite comes with each kit - yes you get one free kite with each order!

Made in Japan of split bamboo and washi paper. Washi is a Japanese paper and is  stronger than wood pulp paper. Renewable resource. 

What's Included

  • 10 Kite kits: Pre-cut parts: sails (wash paper), spars (bamboo) and tails

  • 10 Winders: Flying line 100' on a D-handle

  • Illustrated step by step instructions 

    • As a bonus and a teaching aid we offer one free pre-made Gombo kite with flying line with every order

You will Need

  • Decorating materials: Can be decorated with; markers, ink, water colors, crayons, collage

  • Glue

  • Water


Measures: 25″ H x 28″ W
Wind Range: 5 to 15 mph
Made in: Japan