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Sled Kite

$ 3.50

Great for Events or Parties:  Sled kites are the easiest kites to fly kites.  You can even walk fast inside and it will fly.

Each kite come individually package, including  2 tails and flying line.

Made of a plastic with bamboo spars. Decorate with permanent markers or stickers.

What's Included

  • Pre-made kites, individually package.
  • Each kite comes with 2-30-inch tails and with 49 feet of flying line on a D-handle.

You will Need

  • Permanent Markers or stickers

Kite Tails

You can add additional colors of kite tail for color and fun! Tails can be made of crepe paper, surveyor ribbon or other light ribbon material.  

  • Bright and colorful surveyor-ribbon tails make kite flying more festive
  • Tails also aid stability in stronger winds
  • They attach to the kite with tape
  • Each 100' roll of surveyors flagging tape gives you up to 10' of tail for 10 kite kits!
  • How to attach a kite tail

Measures: 23 ½ x 18 inches  

Wind Range: 3-18 mph

Made in: Japan