Kite Making With Children

by Bryan Storm on March 11, 2016

The Dermer Sled kite kit makes an excellent kite-making project with children.

Looking for great DIY kite kit for your group project, schools, scouts, kite festivals, VBS and more.

This kite kit has been used for more than 25 years. Indoor and outdoor projects.

It measures 15 inches tall (24 inches wide) and fits easily on most classroom desks.

The sail (skin) of the kite is semi-transparent. You can easily slip a regular size sheet of paper with your clip art on under the kite sail for easy tracing.

Easy to make using basic skills of taping, tying simple overhand knots, simple measuring and cutting with scissors. Perfect for children 7 years old and older. Probably the easiest and best flying kite I have every flown.

If you are looking for a kite that you know will be easy to make, fly’s great, and easy to pack away and store, this is the kite.



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