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How to Bow a Rokkaku

A Rokkaku needs to be bowed (curved from side to side) to fly. Otherwise, this kite simply spins. Adding bow to the kite directs the wind to flow evenly off the left and right edges of the kite. This stabilizes the kites flight pattern. These kites are known for their remarkably stable flight. More bow should be added in high winds, and less bow in low winds. This guide will teach you how to successfully bow your 24" rokkaku kite.

Step One

Place the Rokkaku on its side on a hard surface and with a little bit of pressure bend the top stick slightly inward.

Step Two

Wrap the string around and through the plastic tip as shown. Note the top should be bowed slightly less than the bottom. Wrap once on on side and the the other side for uniform balance.

Step Three

Repeat this process on the bottom stick (lower horizontal spar).

Higher winds needs more bow than light winds. More bow can be achieved by more wraps.

Step Four

The top bow should be slightly less than the bottom bow. About 7 cm at its highest point.

Step Five

The bottom bow should be a little tighter or about 8cm at its highest point.

Congratulations Your Rokkaku is Now Properly Bowed