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How To Fly A kite

When to Fly

If the weather is good, kites can be flown at any time of the year. Check the wind before trying to fly your kite. Kites don't fly well when there is too little or too much wind. Kite flying is fun when you follow a few simple rules. Remember to choose a day to fly kites when there is the right amount of wind.

Choose the Best Location

The best places to fly kites are the beach, park, or an open field where there are no trees, roads, power lines, buildings, or other things that block the wind.

Use a Long Launch

Having someone to help get your kite into the air is wonderful! One person holds the string spool and another holds the kite a distance apart. Hold the kite in the air and let the wind launch it. This is called a long launch. You should not have to run to get kite into the air.

Wind Direction

Flying kites can help your child learn more about the wind.

  • Ask, how do you know which way the wind is blowing?
  • Help them look for signs that show which way the wind is blowing by watching hair, your breath in cold air, flags, tall grass, leaves on trees, or smoke.
  • You can also hold small pieces of grass or sand up and drop it.
  • Another way is to feel it on your face.

Always fly with the wind at your back.