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Useful Kite Line Knots


The Figure-of-Eight Knot is used to keep the line from pulling through a knot. To start, place the end of the line alongside the line to form a "J".
(Fig.1)-Take the end over and down around the line. (Fig. 2)-Bring the end up and then into the newly formed loop. At this point, the knot should look like the number 8. (Fig. 3)-Pull the line to tighten the knot in place.

Lark's Head Hitch

Pass the end of the line around a spar or through one hole of the button. Tie a Figure-of-Eight knot in the end of the line. Referring to the diagrams, complete the Lark's Head Hitch.


Overhand Loop

(Fig. 1)-An "Overhand Loop" is made by folding the end of the line back along the line a little longer than the length of the finished loop you want to make. (Fig. 2)-Pass the looped end over the standing part. (Fig. 3)-Bring the loop beneath the standing part and then put up through the "O". (Fig. 4)- Pull on the loop to tighten the knot.

Prussik Hitch

Use the Prussik Hitch to attach the Connecting Loops to the Top and Bottom Bridle lines, and to the Flight Angle Adjustment line.

Make an Overhand or Figure Eight knot close to the end of the line to form the Connecting Loop.

(Fig. 1)-Place the loop across the line you want to attach to. (Fig. 2)-Bring the knotted end around the line and through the loop. (Fig. 3)-Pass the knotted end back around the line a second time to form a Prussik Hitch. (Fig. 4)-Pull on the knotted end to stretch out the loop. This will force the line that loop is wrapped around to bend. (Fig. 5)-Continue to pull until the Prussik looks like this. This forms a tight grip on the connected line.

Adjusting the Prussik Hitch

(Fig. 1)-Grasp the line on either side of where the connecting loop is attached. Pull outwardly with enough force to straighten the line and force the loop to reshape itself. (Fig. 2)-Slide the Connecting Loop where you need it to be. To set the loop, pull firmly outwardly on the Connecting Loop lines to get the line to rewrap itself around the original line.

Article written by Ronda Brewer.