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A Salute To Box Kites!

A Salute To Box Kites!

A Salute To Box Kites!

Hargrave Box – Replica made by Chuck Jones

Photo Credit: Rick Agar

Box kites were designed and developed in the late 1800’s by Lawrence Hargrave of Australia. The ‘Hargrave Box’ is perhaps the most famous of box kites. Rectangular in shape, it’s known for its stable flight and man-lifting capabilities. It was the precursor to the development of the first airplane by the Orville and Wilbur Wright in 1903.

The traditional ‘Box Kite’, is by far the most commonly seen box kite in the USA. During WWI, this kite was on every Navy ship as a rescue kite. The kite itself flew on a thin wire that acted as an antenna. Flown from lift rafts, this antenna successfully, allowed surviving sailors to signal for help and rescue. It was called the Gibson Girl, because of the shape of the radio, designed to be held between the knees.

The Cody Kite, designed by our expatriate Samuel F. Cody, was also patented in 1901 as a winged box kite.  It was used in WWI lifting men high into the air, as an observation platform. Beautiful in shape and form, it is a winged box kite.

All of these kites are still made and flown regularly around the world. New shapes and designs are constantly being developed and flown!


This year I too have become a box kite lover. Flying my ‘Invader’ made by Robert Brasington, designed by Jilly Pellum in the 1970’s. ‘Invader’ kites are flown regularly at the Fanø Kite Meeting in Denmark.   Now flying proudly in North America.

Zigzaggy Box Kite

Our little Zigzaggy Box Kite was designed and made in the State of Washington. This kite will require the kite maker to use organizational skills, planning, layout, and tape. It is a perfect kite for teaching and team building. Made of Tyvek and fiberglass rods, this kite will last for years. It folds up for easy storage and transport. For ages 10+

Next month you can see our ‘Invader’ kite flying on the Ocean City, Maryland beaches. If you in the area, it’s a chance to see hand made kites from across the America and around the World at the American Kite Fliers Association National Convention. October 9-14th, 2017