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Once Upon a Star

Once Upon a Star

Once Upon a Star

The Star Kite is great for team building or group projects. 

Small size
Can fly one or in trains up to 10 kites
Unique shape


Because of its small size, the Star Kite fits on small or round tables.

Good project for younger children and adults working together. It’s easier to make if you have a little help from someone to hold the sticks in place while another person tapes the sticks to the skin. 5-10 minutes to put the kite together.

The unique center fitting on this kite makes it easy to fly 1 kite, or up to 10 kites on a single line, called a “Kite Train”.

The Star Kite likes light to medium winds (5-15 mph). It is an interactive kite that likes for you to pull in and let out line, based on wind.

As the breeze picks up, let out line slow and steady as the Star Kite gains altitude. As the wind drops, wind the kite in. It’s a nice dance with the wind.

If you ignore it, the Star Kite will take the first opportunity to drop to the ground and wait for you to notice and re-launch and fly.


A 10-kite train can extend 70 – 100 feet into the sky making quite a visual statement. Plus they are really fun to fly. One kite alone pulls a little in the wind. When you start flying several or more together you can really feel the difference.