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What is it about Kites?

What is it about Kites?

What is it about Kites?

There is something about this heavier-than-air tethered flying machine that will cause your heart to broaden and lift your spirits.

My friend and chosen dad, Richard Dermer was the best storyteller I have ever known. A few years ago he was interview by a local reporter about his interest in kites. Later, Richard commented, “I think Lisa wrote down every word I said!”

It is an excellent review of kite history, cultural, social and scientific relevance and a wonderful story of one man’s love of kiting.

"Vintage kites from all over the world hang from the ceiling and walls of the late Richard Dermer’s popular Hideaway Pizza restaurant in Stillwater, Oklahoma—and that’s only a fraction of his collection.

To many locals, the kites might just seem like another piece of quirky décor. But not so. Dermer, who spoke with us before he passed away in March 2014, was an avid kite enthusiast, and each has a personal meaning."


Love at First Kite: How Pizza and Pente Led to One Oklahoman's High-Flying Obsession

- By Lisa Hix for Collectors Weekly