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How Can Kites Help You Live Your Best Life

How Can Kites Help You Live Your Best Life

How Can Kites Help You Live Your Best Life

I am sure you have noticed. Life in the 21st century is crazy busy all the time. There is always something that needs to be done, somewhere to be, some deadline that has to be met, and some bill that has to be paid. Oh yeah, don’t forget to exercise. Don’t forget to hang out with your friends and family. Don’t forget to relax. Don’t forget to eat. Don’t forget to BREATHE!

What if there was something you could add to your life to help solve some of these needs that often get neglected? What if that something was actually fun? You know where I am going with this right?

KITES! Of course, I am talking about kites. Because I already know from experience. Kites are an incredible part of my world and help me live my best life. I think kites can also help you live your best life and help fulfill some basic needs. In the next few moments, I will explain.

Flying a kite will get you out of the house and out into nature. People who spend time in nature are usually happier. There is something about getting fresh air and sunshine that improves our mood. There is no denying that it feels good to have the warmth of the sun kiss your skin. There is something about breathing in fresh air and enjoying the smells of nature that just feels really good.

Once you’re outside and up on your feet, maybe even walking or running around trying to get that kite up in the air, guess what? Instant exercise! That’s right, you are fulfilling a basic human need to stay healthy. Keeping your body in motion is essential to maintaining flexibility long into old age. The body is like a machine. If a machine goes unused, it will rust and eventually fall apart. If you want to live a long, healthy life keeping your body in motion is an essential part of the recipe for longevity.

Since you’re out and about, why not call up some friends or family to join you. Spending time with loved ones is important. In general, humans are communal by nature. Sharing the company of others can bring joy to your life and to theirs.

So let’s recap for a moment. Flying kites will get you out of the house and out into nature. Flying kites will get your body moving. Flying kites can help bring people together. That must be all, right? Not quite my friend. There is more!

We already determined kite flying is good for your health and community, but kite flying is also great for increasing your overall happiness. Because kite flying is incredibly FUN! I often say “smiles guaranteed” because I know there is something special and rewarding about watching a kite soar through the air. I love it! But there is an added benefit to kite-flying that you might not even think about. Mindfulness.

Yes, mindfulness is an important part of living your best life. Taking intentional moments to breathe and bring awareness to your mind, body and spirit have been proven to increase happiness, improve memory retention and reduce depression and anxiety. Even the infamous Apple Watch has a built-in app that reminds you to stop what you're doing to take a quick deep-breathing break.

When you have a kite up in the air, the world around you almost feels like it stands still. At that moment, it doesn’t matter that there are looming deadlines back at the office. All that matters is what is happening at that moment. The warmth of the sun. The smells of nature. The laughter of the children playing in the park. The joy you feel in your heart. The smile on your face.

There you have it. Some good reasons why I think kite flying can help you live your best life. Get out there and GO FLY A KITE!

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