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Why We Make & Fly Kites

Why We Make & Fly Kites

Why We Make & Fly Kites

It’s very satisfying to make your own kite, then go outside with your back to the wind and watch it lift them up into the sky.

It's fun to watch the kite play and dance in the wind, rising higher and higher as you gently let out your flying line. It is truly a magical feeling. 

Kite flying makes you feel happy. Yes, it really does! This is true for everyone who flies a kite. 

People flying kites are often smiling, it’s known as a kite flier’s smile. It’s universal, around the world.  

Why? Maybe it’s the connection to the wind above you. Or the satisfaction from making a “flying machine” that really flies.

When my kite flies up into the sky it reminds me of the joy I felt the first time I rode my bike without training wheels. It’s very freeing.

This feeling of happiness is one of the best reasons that kites are a great tool to teach almost any subject from history to science, art or math to just to name a few.

When you feel happy while you are learning something, you are more likely to understand and remember what you learned. 

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