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It's Summertime. Lets Have Fun In The Sun! ☀

It's Summertime. Lets Have Fun In The Sun! ☀

It's Summertime. Lets Have Fun In The Sun! ☀

Happy August! Summer may still be in full swing, but you and I both know it will be winding down sooner than we would like. If you haven’t been out flying kites yet, let me remind you that NOW is the time!

Kite flying is a super fun activity for the entire family to enjoy. It is extremely satisfying to get a kite in the air and watch it soar through the sky. But do you know what is even more satisfying? Flying a kite that you made yourself!

Have you ever made your own kite? It is truly a fun and rewarding experience. It is easy to make your own kite that will really fly using one of our DIY Kite Kits. You can color, paint or decorate your kite in any way that you choose, then assemble it using easy step-by-step instructions.

One of the hardest parts of kite flying is choosing what kind of kite to fly. If you are new to flying kites it is a good idea to start simple with one of our Ready To Fly Kites. These kites are easy to fly. They just need minor assembly and your custom artwork.

If you have flown kites before but haven’t made your own kite, it might be a good idea to start with one of our Beginner Kite Kits. There is some basic assembly required such as taping and tying basic knots. But best of all, you still get to decorate your kite!

If you have some experience or are just up for a little more of a challenge, then our Intermediate Kite Kits are a great choice! These kite kits require more assembly and moderate skills with accuracy, measuring, knot tying and attention to detail. Of course, you get to decorate these kites with your own art as well