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5 Reasons To Get Out And Fly A Kite

5 Reasons To Get Out And Fly A Kite

5 Reasons To Get Out And Fly A Kite

It’s amazing how fast time flies. It is already July and summer is here! I love the warm months of Spring and Summer. It is my favorite time of year. Think of all the fun stuff you can do. Go hiking. Go camping. Go to the beach. Go to an outdoor festival. Go to the park. So many things…. But my personal favorite thing to do this time of year is to GO FLY A KITE!

To celebrate my favorite activity this time of year, I have come up with:

5 Reasons To Get Out And Fly A Kite


1. Kites are good for your health!

Let’s face it, you are not going to be able to fly a kite sitting around all day watching TV. The weather is nice outside. Think of all the calories you can burn while sprinting around flying kites. Kite flying is good for hand-eye coordination. It is especially good for our neck and eyes too. In a world where we are constantly looking down at our computers and cell phones, it strengthens the neck and eyes to look up and far away at your beautiful kite flying through the sky.

These days everyone is so busy all the time. It’s good to slow down once and a while. Flying a kite produces a very calming peaceful feeling, which definitely can reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Get on your feet. Go out and play!

2. Kite flying keeps you young.

I am a firm believer in the saying “You are only as old as you think you are”. Sure our bodies might say differently sometimes. But at least if you have the right mindset you can still feel the joy of youthfulness at any age. The key to feeling young is to exercise often and promote good brain elasticity by constantly challenging the brain with learning new things, being creative and thinking positive thoughts. What better way to do this than flying kites?

Do you remember the first time you flew a kite? Think of the joy it brought you. When you are out there with the breeze blowing through your hair, it is the perfect opportunity to embrace the positive feelings of happiness, joy, and playfulness. Feel youthful. Be youthful!

3. Flying kites is a social activity.

Generally, only one person pilots a kite at a time. But most often, it is with a group of other kite flyers. Kites bring people together and are perfect for family picnics, school projects, and team building. Kite flying is accessible to everyone of any age, gender or race. From toddlers to grandparents, anyone can fly a kite!

Colorful kites can be a perfect conversation starter and may lead to new friendships that can last for many years. Schools, churches, and business know this and actively use kites to promote connection, community and team building.

Who knew something as simple as a non-mechanical, non-battery operated piece of thin fabric, paper or plastic with a few sticks and a long piece of string could be so transformative and powerful. Wow. Gives me chills just thinking about it!

4. Kite making is a creative endeavor.

It is important to stay creative. It is good for the brain. It's good for the soul. It is good for the world. Who wants to live in a drab, grey world? Certainly not me! I want to live in a colorful, creative world filled with art. Luckily I do and so do you! Planet earth is an amazing place and we are all lucky to be here.

Kite making is good for both kids and adults. When we are creative and express our artistic abilities, not only does it help our brains to process our own emotions and experiences, it also makes the world around us more colorful. But honestly, the best thing about making your own kite is getting it up in the air! Seeing your art soaring through the sky is definitely a rewarding feeling. So get those creative juices flowing. Make a kite! Fly a kite!

5. The most important reason to go fly a kite.

I think we can all agree the most important reason to go out and fly a kite is that it is fun.