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Flowers Blooming. Wind Blowing. Kites Flying! Science Is Fun?

Flowers Blooming. Wind Blowing. Kites Flying! Science Is Fun?

Flowers Blooming. Wind Blowing. Kites Flying! Science Is Fun?

Spring is finally here! Flowers are blooming and the wind is blowing.

May is definitely one of my favorite months of the year. 

Nothing brings me more joy than seeing the happiness kite flying brings to people of all ages.

The next best thing to flying a kite is making your own kite and that is exactly what we love to do.

Our high-quality kite kits are perfect for beginners, intermediate flyers and everyone in between.

We have lots of great designs to choose from. We test all of our kites to make sure they really fly, so big smiles are sure to be had!

Science is fun?
Science is FUN!

We all know making and flying kites is fun, but kites can also be educational. How can this be, you ask? There is real science involved in creating a kite that will actually fly.

In fact, there are four forces of flight that are involved. These natural forces are: LIFT, DRAG, GRAVITY and THRUST. Each of these forces plays an important role in a successful kite experience.

If a kite is not aerodynamic it will not fly. Kites are much like airplanes in this way. However, unlike airplanes, kites are only powered by a combination of wind and a tethered flying line. Without either, a kite will just blow away or do nothing at all. Wind is “air in motion” and when it meets a tethered kite, the magic of flight happens! 

Kites make science fun! To help support this, we have added a new book to our website titled "Kite Physics - Visually Explained With Questions, Answers, and Exercises.”

This wonderfully illustrated book is easy to read and is excellent for both teachers and kite enthusiasts.

The author, Glenn Davison masterfully explains the who, what, when, where, why and how of kite flying. It is truly science in action.

“Kite Physics” includes easy demonstrations and exercises that give everyone the opportunity for hands-on learning such as: How to test and handle flying line, and much more.