It has been a strange and difficult year, but I have found inspiration and hope in all the stories...

by Catherine Gabrel on December 15, 2020

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings! I hope you have a holiday season full of peace and joy!

It has been a strange and difficult year, but I have found inspiration and hope in all the stories and images of people creating happiness, despite it all. It truly warms my heart to see the joy that making and flying kites can bring!

One of the joys I experience with kites is the way they bring us together and forge community and connection, something that became even more important this year!

David R. told me about the ways that kite-making and flying brought excitement and purpose to his retired father-in-law: “We purchased the 60 white train to get him involved in our annual beach trip,” David said. “We expected him to do a general coloring of each kite face. Instead, he hand painted 60 individual Disney characters onto the kites!!

Needless to say, QUITE the crowd attractor. He is a retired salesman and loves the crowd interaction and beamed with pride at the overflowing adoration. The kite train was easy to assemble and just as easy to launch and fly.”

Jeanette S. ordered the 60 train kite for her granddaughter, and it turned into a fun group art project! “We received the box with materials to make 60 kites! So the 14-year-old, her 12-year-old sister, and two other teenagers in their pod all got together for the day-long activity of decorating and making their own kite ‘trains.’ Everyone had a great time!”

Whether you’re gathering in-person or over zoom for the holidays this year, kites make a fun and creative activity and gift—for kids of all ages!

92-year-old Keith Bratton made this charming Santa’s chimney kite as an art activity at his nursing home. That’s a kite I could hang on my wall to bring me joy for years to come!

So to all the kids, “from 1 to 92,” Happy Holidays to you! 



Thank you for all the joy and hope you’ve brought me this year. 

Happy holidays and kite-flying,

~ Catherine Gabrel 




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