We continue to live through unprecedented times.

by Catherine Gabrel on October 07, 2020

We continue to live through unprecedented times and this year’s back to school was like none any of us have ever experienced. But it’s also been incredible to see how teachers, parents, children and other groups have found innovative ways to continue to teach, learn, and grow—and I’m excited about the ways kite kits can be used to support this learning! 

School is taking many different forms this year. Whether you’re homeschooling, social-distancing in a classroom, working with a pod, or just looking for creative outdoor learning activities, kites can help teach physics, engineering, weather, wind, flight, space, math, art, and more. Kites are great for STEM programs! Adding kites to your curriculum is a fun way to encourage learning along with creativity, connection, movement, and joy.

We are happy to announce a new “Education and STEM” section on the Kites In The Sky website with FREE LESSON PLANS for K-12 and other teaching resources designed to meet the needs of educators, parents, and the curious.

If you’re interested in using kites to teach, here are our FREE downloadable lesson plans:

Experimenting With Kite Tails

Measuring Wind

Kites Around The World

See how teachers and group leaders are flying kites to teach STEM and more:

So while the weather is still warm but growing blustery—perfect for flying kites—get your students or family outside for both learning and fun. 

And remember, kites aren’t just for kids! Kite-flying is a great relaxing yet invigorating activity for adults too—whether solo or in a social-distanced group. Grab a mask, head to a park or hillside, and go fly a kite!




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