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Kite Making With Kids, A Teacher's Story

Kite Making With Kids, A Teacher's Story

Kite Making With Kids, A Teacher's Story

Kite making with kids is a win–win. The kids will be happy and that makes everyone happy. Kite making is a learning activity that is fun. In addition, they will learn that they can make their own flying machine. When you fly a kite, it opens a happiness center in you. It’s Universal.

You can teach any subject with kite making!

In 2016, Peace Corp Volunteer John B. contacted Kites In The Sky. John knew how much fun it was to fly kites, and that was his goal. He wanted to teach kite making to kids in a school in Armenia.

We talked about Kite kits and decided that the Diamond kite kit was what he wanted. It comes with everything you need to put the kite together, and not too many parts. It’s a nice size for art and fits nicely on school desks.

Here is John’s story about kite making with kids in Armenia:


“I want to thank you again for going out of your way to make the project less expensive for me.“

~John B. 

It was both fun and mayhem on Wednesday! All my little friends, who used to be my neighbors in Nor Hachn and I walked over to the school and we got started on the project. When many of the kids were done with their art -work and wanted to assemble their kites, I could not possibly keep up.

Luckily, the Access English group, where I co-teach on occasion was having a class and I enlisted their help.

The older kids had at least as much fun as the younger kids did!  Now they want to have a kite making day of their own! We shall see.

Kites are not very common here in Armenia, and it was hard to even find the Armenian word for Kite. In fact, no one knew!



“I bet you thought I was never going to send you pictures of our great kite-making day here in Armenia!“

It was a great day with kites and kids of all ages, running with big smiles on their faces!!!"

John B.

PS: We found the Armenian word for Kite is “Ooroor”

Kite making with Kids is fun and a little mayhem! When the kids are finished decorating their kites, it only takes a few minutes for the children to put the kites together and they are ready to fly.

These kites really do fly and it is fun to watch the children’s efforts at decorating and making their  kites, then rewarded with successful flight. The positive reinforcement of the lessons learned are obvious with smiles and laughter. Kite making with kids makes everyone happy.

The Diamond kite kit, comes complete with everything you need to make 25 Diamond kites. It is simple to make, and easy to fly. All you need is permanent markers for art.