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Yoshizumi Mega Koi - Paper Kites That Really Fly!

Yoshizumi Mega Koi - Paper Kites That Really Fly!

Yoshizumi Mega Koi - Paper Kites That Really Fly!

The Yoshizumi Mega Koi is made of bond paper and takes less than 15 minutes to assemble.

With a printed design, each kite is a work of art even if you color outside of the lines.

It’s the coloring that you want to allow plenty of time for!

Colored pencils, crayons or markers whatever you choose for decorating!

These kites are the kind of art projects that end up on people’s walls, I have two hanging in my house now!

Coloring is a popular activity

for all ages.

How about ending up with

art that can really fly!

A Girl Scout troop I worked with took over an hour just to color the kites. The girls were engaged in conversations about art and design, scouting activities and so much more. Each kite is beautiful and unique, it warms my heart to see so much diversity in each child’s art

This months giveaway is for a 10-pack of the Yoshizumi Mega Koi Kite Kits


*When our current inventory is sold these kites will no longer be available. If you want these kites for your project, order now, supplies are limited. We are working on new designs and hope to have new paper fold kites available soon.


If your kite tangles with another kite in the sky, find the person flying the other kite and walk to this person. With a little pulling and releasing of the flying line, the twist will work it’s way down to your flying handles and you can see how to untwist your kites. In most cases you will never even have to stop flying.