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Big Birds Mark The Beginning Of Spring Each Year

Big Birds Mark The Beginning Of Spring Each Year

Big Birds Mark The Beginning Of Spring Each Year

The Brasington Bird Kite Kit is being used to educate and celebrate the one of America’s least understood birds.

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Photo by Cado Daily

I LOVE the Brasington Bird kite kit! We are putting on a Return of the Turkey Vulture weekend here in Bisbee, AZ each second weekend in March. This will be our second annual and I am introducing kite flying by getting artists to help kids decorate and make the kites, then fly them at the farmer's market. I love that the kites are made from natural materials so we won't be adding more plastic to the landfill (eventually, but I am keeping mine!), and they are so simple to put together, and they fly!  Cado Daily

Photo by Cado DailyEvery year some 20-50 Turkey Vultures return from Mexico to their summer home in the Mountains and bluffs near Bisbee Arizona, marking the beginning of spring.

With an impressive 6 - foot wingspan, Turkey Vultures are often seen soaring gracefully on thermals or eating carrion on the ground. 

The celebration includes Wildlife experts, live Turkey Vultures, specialty foods such as “Turkey Vulture Crunch”, red velvet Italian ice cream with chocolate bits”, a parade and this year they are adding kite making and flying to activities.

Here at Kites In The Sky, we are looking forward to seeing all the beautiful kites created this year!

This year’s event: March 9-11, 2018, Bisbee, Arizona