Working Together - With The American Diamond Kite Kite

Working Together - With The American Diamond Kite Kite

There are all kinds of ways to bring people together. We know the benefits are far reaching from just the project at hand. Working together; sharing ideas, finding solutions, discovering new talents the possibilities are endless.

The benefit of using tested kite kits that you know will fly takes the stress and worry out of planning your project or activity. 

Making sure that you have kite kits that fly is the most important.

We’ve been testing and flying the Diamond kite in all kinds of wind and weather. What we are finding is that this kite really needs more tail in winds over 12 mph. So for now on, every 25 pack of Diamond kite kits will come with an extra roll of kite tail.

New – Large order Discounts Now Available to Everyone!

We’ve added bulk quantity discounts to winders, and many of our popular event kites including; the Sled, Dermer Sled, Ram Air Sled and Delta kite kits.



This Month Drawing - Enter to WIN a Free 25-Pack of Diamond Kite Kits.

This Diamond kite is sometimes called an Eddy Kite - Designed by William A. Eddy in 1894. William Eddy used kites to study meteorology and is noted in history for taking the First aerial photograph in the Americas.

The Diamond kite is now the iconic America Kite.  Get yours today!


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